Silvia Gourmet Selection – Anchovies in Olive Oil 110g

Silvia Gourmet Selection – Anchovies in Olive Oil 110g

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Fillets from the fish known in Spain as anchoa del Cantábrico (Engraulis Encrasicholus) that is processed in salt, preserved in olive oil and subsequently filleted. This anchovies have flexible and firm flesh where their color ranges from reddish-brown to a pale caramel color. In terms of the aromas and flavors, an oiled and salted balanced base with those of the fish, without masking them. These fillets are between 9 and 12 cm, clean, without bones, with an even reddish-brown color, packed in oil. Flesh with a firm consistency and it is best paired with olive, tapas, salad, or even can have it by its own.

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