Winesave PRO

Winesave PRO

RM 150

Winesave is 100% food-grade argon gas in a canister, which when dispensed into an opened bottle preserves the wine by forming an inert barrier that stops oxidisation (which is why your wine loses freshness after the 1st day and becomes undrinkable by the 3rd day.

Winesave is good for all drinkers because it helps to:

  • Keep opened bottles of wine FRESH for longer (weeks or months), without pressure to finish the bottle
  • You just want to have a glass but don’t want to have to finish the bottle (or two)
  • You can experiment with different wines throughout the course of one evening (drink 4 different glasses wines from 4 different bottles – why not?)
  • Increase drinking pleasure by not having to drink oxidised wine
  • Save money by not having to pour oxidised wine down the sink
  • Easy to use – Uncork, Spray, Recork
  • Free Klang Valley shipping on all orders over RM300
  • Buy 6 or more bottles of wine to enjoy 5% discount or 12 + bottles to enjoy 8% discount.
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Buy 3 or more – Get 10% Discount

Buy 6 or more – Get 15% Discount

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