Siderit Hibiscus Gin
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Siderit Hibiscus Gin

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Hibiscus or Jamaica flower has been used since inmemorial times to elaborate a drink with multiple medicinal properties in such distant places as Asia, Africa or the Caribbean. The Hibiscus Sabdariffa is a magic and exotic plant, native to tropical Africa cherished by the Caribbean due to its edible and aromatic calyx, as well as for its beneficial health properties. It is also the national flower of Malaysia, the Bunga Raya!

Siderit Hibiscus Gin is a Floral Gin made in Cantabria, northern Spain, distilled from rye alcohol. Its main feature is the floral character arising from a double maceration and a triple distillation in a fractional distillation column with reflux, in a complete glass equipment that eliminates foreign tastes and odors. Every distillation in these equipments of own design is equivalent to five distillations of a traditional alembic.

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