Kirin Ichiban Beer – 5.0% (Carton of 24 Bottles)

Kirin Ichiban Beer – 5.0% (Carton of 24 Bottles)

RM 345

Kirin Ichiban is a Lager-type beer, which means it is fermented at low temperatures and offers a light and refreshing texture with a smooth and balanced flavor. It is brewed with high quality ingredients including pure, crystal clear water, barley malt and hops using a traditional Japanese brewing method that emphasizes purity and quality of ingredients. What sets Kirin Ichiban apart is its unique brewing process called “ichiban shibori”, which literally means “first pressing” in Japanese. Unlike other beers, Kirin Ichiban is brewed using only the first wort pressing, the richest and most flavorful part of the brewing process. This gives Kirin Ichiban beer a smooth, complex flavor with a rich, creamy head.

  • Appearance: golden with beautiful bubbles
  • Nose: Sweet, well malted and slightly hoppy
  • Mouth: perfectly balanced from start to finish
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