FGJ Back Vintage Burgundy Sale: 1967 – 2015

For 24 hours, we show our LOVE for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

Alongside our Bordeaux sale, we offer in parallel a similar sale format featuring wines from Burgundy. For musings, we discuss the two wine regions that are the most famous in all France

Burgundy is simplicity and diversity intertwined. There are just two primary grape varieties used in Burgundy; Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

It would be fair to say that Burgundy is everything that Bordeaux is not. Bordeaux produces about 69 million cases of wine, Burgundy produces just 0.5 million cases which is about 3% of the country’s wine production. Bordeaux’s wines exhibit the mastery of blending 5 different grapes, Burgundy winemakers produce pure expressions of 2 grapes without the blending.

Here are more fun facts about Burgundy:

  1. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are not the only 2 grapes in Burgundy, there are plantings of Aligote, Gamay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris!
  2. Besides Red and White, it also makes a wonderful sparkling called Cremant de Bourgogne!
  3. Burgundy vines grow on terroir that was once an ancient seabed that forms the Kimmeridgian soils based on hard, calcium-rich shells which vintners believe impart the unique flavour profile in Burgundian wines.
  4. Starting 2014, Burgundy has overtaken Bordeaux as the leading region in terms of sales at the world’s leading wine auction houses.

The FGJ Offer

This Burgundy Back-Vintage Sale offering our members access to highly coveted Red and White wines closes in 24 hours on 21st March, 5pm sharp. The stock will fly into KL the first week of May 2018.

* Photos for ullage and labels for older vintages are available on request.

5% discount on orders of 6 bottles or more

Happy Shopping!

*Free Delivery within Klang Valley for minimum spend of RM200 

FGJ Back Vintage Bordeaux Sale: 1982 – 2008

Our Ex-EU Bordeaux Sale is back in 2018

It’s been a few months since we have run our Ex-EU Cellar sales but the regular merchant we deal with has recovering from a ‘year-end stock-take hangover’ and from what I’ve learnt, they are sitting on a newly acquired parcel from a private investment cellar in Luxembourg. We’ve been importing from this source for almost 3 years and the provenance is immaculate as always.

With the number of Whatsapp messages since January asking when the next ex-EU sale is, I know this sale is much anticipated amongst our members so enjoy the browse and email us at sales@fermentedgj.com if you have questions.

There’s nothing quite like having access to ready-to-drink wines– the vintages on offer are from the legendary 1982 right through to 2008

Click below to browse the FULL LIST.

The FGJ Offer

This Back Vintage Sale closes on Wednesday 21st July at 5pm sharp. The stock will fly into KL the first week of May 2018

* Photos for ullage and labels for older vintages are available on request.

5% discount on orders of 6 bottles or more

Happy Shopping!

*Free Delivery within Klang Valley for minimum spend of RM200 

* Orders are not confirmed until we confirm the transaction with EU as we are trading into a live source

Leaving Expatriate Sale – Bargains

Leaving Expatriate Sale – Below Market Value Pices – CLICK AWAY

They say when one chapter ends, a new chapter begins – this is certainly the case for a journeyman expat who has been living all over Asia over the last 12 years. The expatriate contract ends here in sunny Malaysia and the family is heading home to Europe. Regrettably, their carefully curated collection of wines cannot follow –  yes, I know….heartbreaking….but one man’s heartbreak is another man’s elation. The wines have been inspected for nicks and wrinkles as well as ullage; provenance is impeccable and purchase records have been produced where possible. This is a collector’s collection.

We think this is a good weekend to be ELATED with some real bargains.

Here are some highlights of the back-vintage collection –

  • Mostly back-vintage
  • Sassicaia Magnums
  • Top West Australian wineries (Moss Wood, Vasse Felix)
  • Below market Penfolds RWT and Magill Estate
  • Ready-to-drink Riojas and Barossa reds
  • Direct-from-winery Central Otago Pinot Noir
  • Opus One back-vintage
  • Super Tuscan keepers
  • Vintage Port from 1980

The FGJ Offer

Most wines are with us, have been inspected and are ready for delivery next week. Happy hunting, there are a few bargains to be had.

Large Format Year End SALE: Magnums Priced to Go

FGJ Header

Double the Size | Double the Fun

There’s no feeling like popping a Magnum this year end

Not the ice-cream…..

Wanna Supersize your Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner? Easy, serve some Magnums, they are impressive but that’s not the only reason to do so…..

They are great if you want to drink more than a bottle (duh) – A magnum holds 1.5L, double of standard bottle, a Double Magnum hold 3L, a Jeroboam holds 4.5L….you get the idea, Bigger is Better 🙂

They are more process-efficient – less trash, less time spent getting up to fetch another bottle, less time spent uncorking etc

They are higher in quality – Magnums are the small production formats of any winery, and usually reserved for wines worth holding, so winemakers always save their Magnum bottles for their cellar-worthy wines, the bad stuff never makes it into a magnum!

They ensure everyone is drinking the same thing – If you are a wine purist, you won’t be caught pouring the same label wine from 2 different bottles to top-up the same glass; with a Magnum, there is no variation….furthermore, all the insane people can swirl and talk about the same wine – yaay!

They are a SHOW PIECE – Tip 101 on how to get noticed at a party – tuck a Magnum under the arm. Anyone who turns up at a party with something opulent in size shows they mean business! There’s also a spirit of generosity and conviviality as soon as you see a magnum on the table.

The FGJ Offer

All 20 Magnums are Reduced for the Year-End Promotion!

Christmas Cheer? Sure….we will discount your order by ANOTHER 5% if you order 3 or more Magnums. Beat that.

Prices listed below INCLUDE GST

If you have questions or need advice, email us at sales@fermentedgj.com

Email us your orders at sales@fermentedgj.com and we will deliver it by tomorrow*, otherwise we’ll make delivery on Boxing Day, 26th December when we reopen…..in time for your New Year’s Eve party 🙂

FREE DELIVERY within the Klang Valley on ANY NUMBER OF BOTTLES!!!

* Order has to be received by 5pm today

** Offer valid while stocks last

*Free delivery within Klang Valley for ANY number of bottles

Happy Shopping