Trio Cheese Sampler – 150g Vacuum Packed


  1. San Simón da Costa is a cheese made from raw or pasteurized cow’s milk of the Galician blond, Swiss brown, and Friesian breeds in the District of Terra Chá, in the province of Lugo. This cheese acquires its typical ochre-yellow color and aroma through the smoking process, for which only birch from the local woods is used.
  2. Manchego curado is a variety of Manchego cheese that’s in the third stage of aging. The cheese is made from sheep’s milk and it’s aged from 3 to 6 months. The texture is semi-firm, smooth, and creamy. The flavors are mild, pleasant, sweet, nutty, caramel-like, and slightly piquant.
  3. Hailing from La Mancha region of Spain this young 3 month aged mixed cheese is made from 80% cow, 10% goat and 10% sheep milk. It’s piquant with mild grassy notes and creamy and smooth in texture.