Elian Da Ros Histoire De Bois

Elian Da Ros Histoire De Bois

RM 348

(Magnum) This cuvee brings together the wines of a married couple: Sandrine Farrugia and Elian Da Ros. Sandrine is originally from Guyane, where rum has its roots. Elian is the grandson of an Italian migrant who came to the Lot-et-Garonne region when farmers were needed. Fast-forward to now, in Cocumont, where they each have their own vines to cultivate. In 2017, they came up with the idea of making a joint cuvee. This delicious wine has been made so flavourful that it is only available in magnum format, to be sure there is enough for two. It is made from Merlot and Abouriou, at once fresh, juicy and structured. Abouriou is the local grape variety, nicknamed is le Beaujolais by the locals.

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