Elian Da Ros Abouriou

Elian Da Ros Abouriou

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Abouriou is THE grape variety of the Cotes du Marmandais. According to Elian Da Ros, it has always been underestimated, but this wine maker found it to be especially characterful, on the one hand floral and spicy, and strong in its tannic profile on the other. After ten years of attempts, perhaps the first real success for this variety was produced, with a cuvee vinified in whole bunches. Locally, this grape is known as the beaujolais, though the origins of this are a bit of mystery. It is likely due to the spicy structure, though its overall profile is far-removed from the Gamay we find in the Beaujolais. All of this is to say that Elian Da Ros, pioneer of the Cotes du Marmandais, has made a truly unique cuvee. It is made of 90% Abouriou and 10% Merlot to balance it out a bit. In the end, Elian decided to vinify this cuvee in the Beaujolais-style in order to better bring out its aromas.

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