Yes, let us know the shipping company you would like to use. We will pack it appropriately for air freight.

Yes, we use a courier service to transport the wines. They are properly packed using bubble wrap.

It is important to note that wines are sensitive to heat and light, we are not liable for any damage/loss during transit. For spirits, which are less sensitive to heat, we can ship to any location in Malaysia.

Alternatively, the bottles can also be collected at our office when you visit Kuala Lumpur.

Once you have placed your orders and we have confirmed receipt of your payment, we will ensure delivery within three (3) working days; more often the case, bottles are with the customer within two (2) working days. Our delivery services are ‘point-to-point’ hence they come direct from our temperature-controlled storeroom to your nominated location. This is critical as we won’t allow your wines to warm up during the journey – remember, wines are sensitive to heat and sunlight!

For out of state deliveries, from experience, you will get your wines in 1-2 days. We will provide the tracking number, and you are free to check with the courier company on the status of the parcel.

FGJ takes every measure possible to store its products in optimal conditions, particularly temperature – as such, we can vouch that the products are in great shape when they are delivered to you. Depending on the reason of return, we have different views:
If it’s simply because “I changed my mind”, then we will be unable to accept any returns as we are unable to ascertain if the wines have been cared for in a way that allows us to resell it without compromise – since wines are so sensitive to heat and light, we would like to urge you to choose carefully before checking out!
If the wine is corked or compromised in any way, then without hesitation, we will offer a replacement for the wine ordered. In such cases, we strongly insist that wine be returned with at least 80% of its contents intact – we have experienced returns where only 20% of the contents of bottle remain, and yet demands for a new bottle were made; in these circumstances where there is an absence of honesty, no replacement will be honoured.
For spirits, where storage temperature is less of a concern, we are happy to entertain returns. However, please ensure that the box/container in which the bottle was presented, is returned in a condition no worse than when it was delivered. There have been attempts to return counterfeited bottles under the pretence of being the authentic bottles we delivered to the customer, as such, we reserve the final right to refuse a bottle return at our discretion.
There needs to be a good level of common sense from all parties for healthy customer-vendor relationships to sustain. Terms and conditions apply; please check with us if you are unsure and we are more than happy to explain – we are reasonable people!

There is no minimum purchase on FGJ. Customers who spend a minimum of RM200 are eligible for free delivery service within the Klang Valley. Anything below RM200, you have the option to either self-collect from our administrative office or we can arrange for it to be delivered to an address you choose in the Klang Valley for RM25. Please check with us if you have questions at

Payment may be made online via our website which is enabled by Mastercard Payment Gateway Serivices (MPGS) – a secure payment gateway. You may choose to use your credit card or a direct debit from your bank account.

An IBG transfer can also be arranged if you choose Direct Bank Transfer – please check your email for the order confirmation for our bank details after you place your order.

Our policies dictate that we have to receive payment in our account before the items you have purchased are prepared for delivery.

The only way an item can be reserved is if we receive payment. Please check out online and make the payment, we will keep the products aside for you.

No, we do not. The reason for this is, we cannot ascertain that the wines have been kept in suitable conditions after we have delivered them. Wines degrade when exposed to sunlight or heat, and therefore, since they are no longer under our supervision when they are delivered, we are unable to accept returns of unopened stocks. When we are not certain of the condition of the wines, we do not in turn, sell them to other customers – for this reason of business integrity, we make a conscious decision not to offer consignment services.

Please email us at with your questions and we will answer you as fast as we possible. We are here to help, so please do not hesitate to be in touch!

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