NYE Special: REDUCED: 2017 Highly Awarded Champagne | Henri Abele

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2017’s Highly Awarded Champagne | Henri Abele – Exclusive to FGJ

Château Rieussec  Sauternes 2001

FGJ is extremely pleased to have just received a large shipment of Henri Abele champagne, winner of the Gold Medal at BOTH 2017’s IWC and IWSC competitions – quite a magnificent achievement in the world of champagne.

The intention was to launch this in 2018 but the much-welcomed, early arrival of these champagnes to our store means we are in New year Celebratory mood and want to share the joy.

Some fun-facts about the champagne:

  1. Third Oldest Champagne House in the World founded in 1757 
  2. Henri Abele commits to produce no more than 500,000 bottles a year (in comparison Moet & Chandon produces 26 million bottles!!!)
  3. Henri Abele matures its wines for a minimum of 36 months, well-above the Champagne AOC minimum of 15 months, a key to its mellow, subtle palate impression
  4. Listed as the ‘feature champagne’ in the grand dining hall of the ill-fated Titanic
Professional Ratings

Critical Review: Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier in the World 2007

The FGJ Offer

In 2018, when we will officially list the Henri Abele champagne, it will retail for RM273 or RM252 for a bulk purchase (12 bottles or more). 

Just for the New Year Eve Celebrations, we are offering every bottle at an incredible RM229 per bottle including FREE delivery*. This is an incredible price for a wondrous champagne especially so, given the quality on offer– don’t miss this opportunity, a superb boutique champagne at a superb price, we are limiting this NYE offer to just 60 bottles.


Other Grower Champagnes on SPECIAL PRICING include:

  • Alexandre Filaine NV Cuvee Speciale – RM220 / btl
  • Alexandre Filaine NV Cuvee Confidence – RM279 / btl
  • Bereche et Fils NV Brut Reserve – RM269 / btl
  • Bereche et Fils 2008 Cote Premier Cru – RM329 / btl
  • Suenen NV Blanc des Blancs Grand Cru – RM255 / btl
  • Suenen 2009 Blanc des Blancs Grand Cru  – RM315 / btl

Don’t miss this Last Minute Champagne Grab in time for New Year’s Eve.

**Receive your champagnes on the same day if you place your orders before 10:30am on Friday 29th December 2017

Offer valid while stocks last

Prices are inclusive of GST



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A “wine bin” is traditionally a term used to refer to a storage area in a wine cellar where wines are held before being sold, this is especially useful for identification purposes when the bottles have not yet been labelled.

Today, a “Bin-End Sale” is used to refer to the last few bottles from a parcel of wine held by a retailer, that is sold at a significantly reduced price to make way for the new vintages that will arrive in the new year.

Part 1 – Piemonte’s Star Producer Pio Cesare Back-Vintage Clearance

Friday Sale | Rare Grains & Malt Sale

* While Stocks Last; stock balance does not exceed 12 bottles per wine

Part 2 – Rest of the World Bin-End Clearance

*While Stocks Last; stock balance does not exceed 30 bottles per wine

The FGJ Offer

Please email sales@fermentedgj.com to place your orders

Stocks available immediately

Sale Ends 1st Jan 2018; all prices are inclusive of 6% GST

Deliveries will be made on 26th December 2017

FREE Delivery on ANY Quantity*

Please email us with your orders – CLICK button below

*Free delivery within Klang Valley

Happy Shopping

Large Format Year End SALE: Magnums Priced to Go

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Double the Size | Double the Fun

There’s no feeling like popping a Magnum this year end

Not the ice-cream…..

Wanna Supersize your Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner? Easy, serve some Magnums, they are impressive but that’s not the only reason to do so…..

They are great if you want to drink more than a bottle (duh) – A magnum holds 1.5L, double of standard bottle, a Double Magnum hold 3L, a Jeroboam holds 4.5L….you get the idea, Bigger is Better 🙂

They are more process-efficient – less trash, less time spent getting up to fetch another bottle, less time spent uncorking etc

They are higher in quality – Magnums are the small production formats of any winery, and usually reserved for wines worth holding, so winemakers always save their Magnum bottles for their cellar-worthy wines, the bad stuff never makes it into a magnum!

They ensure everyone is drinking the same thing – If you are a wine purist, you won’t be caught pouring the same label wine from 2 different bottles to top-up the same glass; with a Magnum, there is no variation….furthermore, all the insane people can swirl and talk about the same wine – yaay!

They are a SHOW PIECE – Tip 101 on how to get noticed at a party – tuck a Magnum under the arm. Anyone who turns up at a party with something opulent in size shows they mean business! There’s also a spirit of generosity and conviviality as soon as you see a magnum on the table.

The FGJ Offer

All 20 Magnums are Reduced for the Year-End Promotion!

Christmas Cheer? Sure….we will discount your order by ANOTHER 5% if you order 3 or more Magnums. Beat that.

Prices listed below INCLUDE GST

If you have questions or need advice, email us at sales@fermentedgj.com

Email us your orders at sales@fermentedgj.com and we will deliver it by tomorrow*, otherwise we’ll make delivery on Boxing Day, 26th December when we reopen…..in time for your New Year’s Eve party 🙂

FREE DELIVERY within the Klang Valley on ANY NUMBER OF BOTTLES!!!

* Order has to be received by 5pm today

** Offer valid while stocks last

*Free delivery within Klang Valley for ANY number of bottles

Happy Shopping

Christmas Clearance: Prosecco Superiore on 25% discount and Free Stopper + Crystal Glasses

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Fizzing Up Your Celebrations

Stock up on New Year and Christmas Bubbly

This month of celebration is all about VALUE, and we are add that Fizz into your Christmas. We are reducing the price of the Col Vetoraz line of Prosecco Superiore from RM156 to RM120 per bottle; ADDITIONALLY, for every 3 bottles purchased, we are giving away 1 FREE Crystal Flute worth RM25….that’s not all, we are ALSO giving away 1  Sparkling Stopper for every order which is used to preserve bubbles in unfinished Prosecco or Champagne!

Classic, delicate, and fresh, Col Vetoraz Prosecco offers scents of stone fruits leading to a dry, smooth and intense palate with subtle notes of white blossoms, citrus zest, and a touch of toasted bread; an elegant, fine mousse fills the mouth with creamy texture.

Energetic and clean, Col Vetoraz Prosecco complements a wide variety of foods, making it an ideal to pour with appetizers, salads or drinking on its own.

Located in Cartizze, one of the prime growing areas of the Valdobbiadene region of the Veneto, Col Vetoraz grows its grapes organically at about 1,300 feet above sea level on very steep hills in vineyard sites where the Glera grape has grown since 1838. This is a serious, high-quality Prosecco fitting for any venue this Year End.

Critical Review

“Col Vetoraz is situated in one of the best areas for growing Prosecco, and is among the leading local wineries for quality. . .the Brut is one of the best Proseccos of this type, and the elegant range of aromas, a trademark of all Col Vetoraz products, is reflected in its balanced flavor.”

~ Gambero Rosso, Italy’s Most Respected Wine Guide

The FGJ Offer

Top classification of Prosecco Superiore at 25% off for the Year End, now THAT’S VALUE. Free Delivery on ANY QUANTITY anywhere in the Klang Valley

Email us your orders at sales@fermentedgj.com and we will deliver it the same day *

Stocks are available for immediate delivery! **

* Order has to be received before 10 am

** Offer valid while stocks last

*Free delivery within Klang Valley for ANY number of bottles

Happy Shopping