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When Suryakumar Yadav saw Hardik Pandya enter the MI nets to bat, he stood up and departed.

There is a problem between Hardik Pandya and Rohit Sharma. What’s more severe? It is said that the disparity is greater than it has ever been. A strained relationship between the skipper and vice-captain might prove to be the Indian team’s biggest obstacle in the run-up to the T20 World Cup, as they attempt to end an 11-year trophy drought.

Disagreements began when the Mumbai Indians unexpectedly signed Hardik from the Gujarat Titans and named him captain, unseatng Rohit, the five-time iplwin champion and one of the league’s greatest captains. This marked the first time an Indian skipper has played in the IPL under a different coach.

Fans didn’t stop at nothing to express their displeasure to the world. During the first part of the 17th edition, Hardik was jeered wherever MI played. For the outstanding Indian all-rounder, this was not going to be a homecoming. Things got more tricky because of his performance and MI’s terrible run.

The five-time champions’ hopes of a comeback fell flat after three consecutive unsatisfactory seasons under my 11 circle login, as they were eliminated from the competition first.

Amidst all of this, MI traveled to Kolkata to play the Kolkata Knight Riders, a team that was experiencing great success. Rohit’s conversation with KKR assistant coach gullybet Nayar stole the show during the pre-match discussions between KKR and MI, more so than the David vs. Goliath encounter. In the brief, popular video, Rohit spoke something about creating a house and culture that was not being followed these days, albeit the audio quality was not clear.

The connection between MI and “home” was quickly made by fans. Another event during the same practice session brought to light the division between Rohit and Hardik and suggested that there were two camps inside the MI organization.

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