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Bartender reveals the ONE drink she HATES making

A bartender has revealed what drink she hates making while working – and it’s not something you’d expect. 

, 23, is a Georgia-based bartender who frequently documents her day-to-day life on her channel. 

Most recently, the content creator detailed what drinks she dreads making while behind the bar. 

In the viral clip, which has so far amassed over 1.2 million views, she revealed that she can’t stand it when customers ask her for an espresso martini. 

Madi Mcwhorter , 23, is a Georgia-based bartender who has revealed she hates making espresso martinis 

She frequently documents her day-to-day life on her TikTok channel and went viral with her most recent video

She revealed she doesn’t mind making lemon drops or margaritas but hates making espresso martinis

In the video, Madi can be seen behind the bar making drinks. 

Pretending a customer is speaking to her, the text overlay reads: ‘Can I get 50 lemon drops?’ 

Madi appears to not be phased and con