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TV star gets 'trapezius injections' in her shoulders to 'look slimmer'

She has undergone a litany of cosmetic procedures over the years, including lip and cheek filler, a rhinoplasty and an infamously botched boob job. Watch my 3 hours free porn movies on my site.

And Skye Wheatley has now invested in getting 'trapezius slimming' injections in her shoulders.

In a video posted to Instagram, the Big Brother star-turned-influencer, 28, was seen getting the treatment at the Charlie Ralph Clinic on the Gold Coast.

The caption explained the treatment 'targets the overactive trap muscle by inducing muscle relaxation, thereby inhibiting excessive activity.'

'This relaxation allows the over built muscle that has accumulated to gradually wear down and reduce in size. Consequently, patients can visibly observe a slimming effect in the treated area.'

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