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Sarah Cawood reveals she's found a second lump on her breast

Sarah Cawood has confirmed the discovery of a second lump on her breast, big black cock porn nine months after being diagnosed with cancer.  You can also get live porn here.

The TV presenter revealed her original diagnosis last September, but has since discovered another lump – prompting her to check in with her doctor and request a mammogram. 

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Cawood, 50, admitted the position of the fresh lump, located on a previously unaffected breast, is a cause for concern – but could be a direct consequence of her ongoing hormone therapy 

She said: 'I'm just going to tell you guys something – I've found another f***ing lump. I went to the doctors and she could feel it too. 

'Our hunch, me and the doc, is it's because your boobs change, the composition of your boobs change quite a lot when you're on hormone therapy. 

'But I've got a mammogram tomorrow – it's not a recurrence, so it would be another primary cancer, but I haven't got the time, so will you all say a little prayer for me tomorrow at three?

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