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The Perfect 2017 Christmas Present…..which allows you to enjoy wine by the glass without EVER pulling the cork

Ever wondered if that bottle you have been cellaring for 7 years is ready to drink?

Ever wondered how fun it would be, if you could try 6 different wines on the same night without having to open 6 different bottles?

Wait no more, the answer is here: CORAVINchange the way you taste

No more monotony; drink a different wine every night

No more wine oxidisation; never pour an unfinished bottle that has oxidised down the sink

More flexibility; you can have a glass of red while your partner can have a glass of white


1. How does it work? A hollow needle accesses the cork of the bottle and injects argon, thereby pressurizing the bottle with argon gas, thereafter, any amount of wine can be poured. Once the desired amount is poured, the needle is removed, allowing the cork to naturally reseal itself. This keeps the wine free from oxidation and allows it to continue to age on its own.

2. How do you know the wine is preserved after access? The Coravin team has conducted blind taste tests of bottles previously accessed with the Coravin System against control bottles from the same case with Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine, and winemakers themselves. They have not been able to distinguish between previously accessed bottles and untouched controls. Leading restaurants around the world now trust their ‘wine by the glass’ program to the Coravin System.

3. How many glasses of wine can I pour with one gas canister? According to Coravin, it’s about 15 standard glasses of wine – which is approximately 3 bottles.

4. How much is a replacement Coravin Gas Canister? RM 105.50 per pack (comes with 2 canisters), which is approximately RM53 per canister, or RM3.50 per glass.

The FGJ Offer

The Coravin Set is on Special at RM1,600 (normally  1,798), now we are throwing in with every purchase (while stocks last) a FREE Bottle of Bourgogne Hautes-Cotes de Nuits from DOMAINE CORNU.

This is an AWESOME Christmas present for someone special, and will no doubt also be the star attaction at any New Years Eve dinner – an essential for any wine lover. Watch the Video above to see how it works.

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