Invitation to Blind “Tasmania vs Bordeaux” Wine Dinner @ Bobo KL featuring 1999 and 2001 vintages – 13 Seats Only

Invitation to Blind “Tasmania vs Bordeaux” Wine Dinner featuring 1999 and 2001 vintages


The “Old World versus New World” debate rages on at every gathering between lovers of wine. After spending an excruciating 2 weeks preparing for my WSET Level 3 exams (apparently that’s when your relationship with wine reaches a perilous point of no-return), the realisation sunk in that the debate is a futile one.

There will always be great wines on either end of the divide, and the wine world seems to be presenting us less and less bad wines through the advent of technology and viticultural know-how.

The two styles are always going to be distinct – different terroir, different climate, different clone, different winemaker, different vineyard philosophy…..but despite this, we have a generally accepted view that New World wines always offer “more fruit” and Old World wines seem to offer “only terroir” and much less fruit.

As with anything, there are always exceptions to the rule….

Tasmania invokes thoughts of pristine mountains, apple orchards, fresh produce and cold Antartic winds, but not many know it makes one of Australia’s top Bordeaux blends, in a cool-weather style, or one might say in a very “Old-World style, very unlike the more opulent mainland styles.

Domaine A is Tasmania’s most celebrated Cabernet producer, and produced only in vintages of exceptionally high standard. Its flagship wine retails at close to RM400 a bottle in Australia and we will be pitting its 99 and 01 vintages tête-à-tête against Bordeaux’s 99 and 01 vintages. The wines are going to be served blind and those who guess correct will be rewarded with a special gift on the night. This will be a very special tasting, we look forward to your company.

Wine LineUp


BoBo KL @ Jalan Bangkung


7:00pm Welcome Drinks

7:30pm Seated

6th December, 2017

* Dinner will only start when every attendee arrives


Price is RM638 nett per person


Price is inclusive of 6% GST

* Email us at and let us know the number of seats you would like, or if you have any questions!